Cougar Involvement Ambassadors

Cougar Involvement Ambassadors

Who are the Cougar Involvement Ambassadors (CIA)?

The Cougar Involvement Ambassadors (CIA) are a group of student leaders dedicated to serving as a resource for students that are looking for opportunities to get involved as well as supporting all registered student organizations on campus. CIA can offer one-on-one consultations to students looking to get involved in an organization, as well as group consultations to students looking to start a new organization and workshops for established organizations. Cougar Involvement Ambassadors are located in the Student Center North at the Commons Desk, and oversee the Commons Desk, Carrel Spaces, and the Student Organization Resource Room.

Cougar Involvement Ambassadors are trained to:

  • Provide one-on-one consultations to students who are interested in finding ways to get involved
  • Help students find resources on campus to help them get involved
  • Provide consultations for students who would like to start a new organization
  • Assist organizations in registration, program planning and campus resources
  • Manage the Carrel Spaces, Mailboxes, and Student Organization Resource Room
  • Facilitate workshops for student organizations
  • Offer direction in the areas of campus policies and procedures, event registration, student organization development, and student organization best practices
  •  Host involvement blasts to aid student organizations in recruiting members and sharing their information
  • Plan, promote and facilitate programs and events that are sponsored by The Center for Student Involvement

But they are mostly here to help other Cougars GET INVOLVED!

If you have any questions or would like general information regarding the Cougar Involvement Ambassadors feel free to contact them at

Meet the Ambassadors

Lorraine Lobo
CIA Director

Senior, Health

Sania Lari
CIA Operations Coordinator

Senior, Management Information Systems & Finance

Ashley Alexander

Senior, Art, Motion Media
Member of: AIESEC

Raneen Al Sayegh

Senior, Nutrition, Business Foundations, Non-Profit Leadership
Member of: NLA, ASDA, ASUH, Bauer Women's Society

Taylor Coleman

Senior, Health

Louis Le

Senior, Civil Engineering
Member of: Sports Club Council, Semper Fi Society, Wushu Kung Fu Club

Caleb Pham

Junior, Biology
Member of: Cub Camp, American Student Dental Association