Text for RITA Form

The scanned version of the sample RITA form contains the following text.

Request for Individualized Testing Accommodations (RITA)

Please print, press firmly, use ballpoint pen.

Course Information

Section 1: To be filled out by student

Section 2: To be filled out by the instructor

The student has presented me with a CSD Student Accommodations Form. I agree to the testing accommodations specified. Exams are to be administered by CSD on the following dates and start-times. Note: If start-times are negotiable (within CSD hours of operation) place an (N) in the space designated for time.

  1. Date/time
  2. Date/time
  3. Date/time
  4. Date/time
  5. Date/time
  6. Date/time
  7. Date/time
  8. Date/time

Exams must be available or delivered to CSD a minimum of 24 hours in advance of test date.

Exam Pick-up Options:

I understand that exams will be returned to my department location, by CSD, within 48 hours of completion.

Special instructions:

Student may use the following aids during this exam:

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