UHS Child Protection Training

HH 1405 Query Information Sheet

You will need to take HH1401: FY14 HR View in order to view this particular query. If you have not previously completed this training, Ashley Waggoner awaggoner@uh.edu can manually enroll you in PeopleSoft if you provide her your PeopleSoft ID. Or, you can self-enroll through PASS. If you are enrolled today, you will be able to take the course tomorrow in TAP athttps://login.tap.uh.edu. Once you have completed the training, you will need to fill out the attached form PeopleSoft HR Security Form. The completed form will need to be faxed to Sandra Armstrong (her information is provided on form), so that she can grant you access.

How to run a query

Log on to PASS: (http://my.uh.edu)

Use the following navigational path to run a query

  • Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
  • Please note, that if you do not have this option/access, you will need to take HH1401: FY14-HR View to be able to do so. You can self-enroll for this course in PASS and access it within 24 – 48 hours of enrollment in Blackboard.

Type HRMS_TRN_CPFM_FY1314_RPT and click the search button

The below screen will populate.  You can run the report by business unit utilizing the HRMS_TRN_CPFM_FY 1314_RPT_BY_BU.  You can also run the report by selecting Department, College or Division by running HRMS_TRN_CPFM_FY1314_RPT_BYDPT.  To run the query, click the Excel button.


Type in either the Business Unit to look at the report by campus or Div/Coll/Dept # to look at the report by area. Click the View Results button to initiate and populate report.