UHS Child Protection Training

Enrolling POIs


  • Department/College Business Managers will need to create a POI record for all non-employee volunteers prior to enrollment.
  • POI status for this training is intended for volunteers that are working with one of our programs (this is not for third-party groups).
  • Creating a POI creates an emplid ID # which is required to enroll anyone into the training. Please make sure you are not creating duplicate ID # by verifying that an emplid ID does not exist for your volunteer.
  • There are different categories when creating POI documents. We have create a new POI type – 00350, Campus Program Workers, is now available on the ePOI Form.
  • Once the department has created the POI and an emplid ID # has been generated, send the individuals name and ID to awaggoner@uh.edu and she will enroll them.
  • Once they have been enrolled Ashley Waggoner will notify the coordinator and the coordinator can notify the volunteer giving them instructions provided in the instruction sheet for login to TAP at https://login.tap.uh.edu