UHS Child Protection Training

Checking Completion Status

How do I know I passed the course? Checking in TAP and PASS

Q1: How can I see if I passed the quiz or what grade I made?

Answer: Once you finish the quiz (in TAP), you will receive a message if you passed or failed the course.  You will also receive an email if you passed or failed the quiz.  When you are in the course, you can view all the grades in “Past Quizzes Taken”  Scores marked in red indicate that you did not pass the quiz.  You can check your score/grade for any of the training at any time by following those same steps.

Another way to check your grades: It takes between 24 - 48 for grades to feed from TAP to PeopleSoft. Once that period has past you can go into PASS à Training à Training Summary, and see all your training and the status of each. They will either be marked as enrolled or completed. If the course is marked "enrolled that means that either the quiz results have not fed over or that you did not make a passing grade on the quiz. If the course is marked "completed" that means that the quiz scores have fed over and that you passed the course.

Q2: I completed the course but it does not show me as complete in P.A.S.S?

Answer #1: The online courses are housed on the UH Campus in TAP, and P.A.S.S is located in the PeopleSoft enterprise system. Therefore, it can take from 24 to 48 hours to update your training record in P.A.S.S. The data feeds from the online course system to P.A.S.S occur nightly and are not simultaneous. NOTE: To check and verify your training record in P.A.S.S, please refer to the following step by step process located on the following website:http://www.uh.edu/adminservices/PASS/trainingsummary.htm.

Answer #2: If you have logged in and your training summary (after 24-48 hours) does not show you as complete, please verify that you have achieved the required score in order to receive credit. Please refer to the course table listed above.