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Recruiting Policies

University Career Services has developed the following policies to ensure that University of Houston students and alumni are treated fairly and are being recruited for viable positions. Employers recruiting at the University of Houston are expected to abide by and adhere to the employment rules and regulations of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principals for Professional Practice,the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commissionthe Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Texas Workforce Commission.

General Recruiting Policies

Our full range of services is primarily available to employers who recruit candidates for their own organization and they provide salaried or hourly-based positions.

Babysitting or Other Private In-Home Employment:
We do not post babysitting jobs, personal tutors, or positions where a student would be required to work out of a private residence (house, apartment, condo, etc).
Commission-Only Employment:
Employers and individuals offering employment/entrepreneurial opportunities must pay a base salary equal to or greater than the federal minimum wage and comply with federal, state and local regulations. Positions that provide a base salary in addition to commission are acceptable if the jobs offer the salary component for at least six months to one year.
Upfront Product Purchase:
Employers and individuals offering employment /entrepreneurial opportunities that require prospective employees to pay a fee or purchase products (such as sample or sales kits) or services upfront before starting work are not permitted to recruit with or attend career fairs sponsored by University Career Services.
Pyramid or Multi-Level Employers:
Employers and individuals offering employment/entrepreneurial opportunities based on a pyramid or multi-level networking structure requiring or encouraging the recruitment of others who recruit others and so on to sell products and services will not be permitted to recruit with or attend job fairs sponsored by University Career Services.
Online Research:
USC staff conducts thorough research on each employer registration that is submitted via Cougar Pathway. UCS reserves the right to decline or disable an employer account at any time that has reoccurring negative employee reviews posted online.

Third Party Recruiting

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Definition of Third Party Recruiters: Third party agencies are organizations or individuals that recruit candidates for temporary, part time or full time employment opportunities for other organizations rather than for their own organization’s internal hiring needs. This includes entities that refer or recruit for profit or not for profit, and it includes agencies that collect student information to be disclosed to employers for purposes of recruitment and employment.

University Career Services (UCS) Policies for Third Party Recruiters:
Agencies wishing to post a position on the Cougar Pathway website must adhere to the following policies:

  • All job postings must be for a specific position, and the name of the client you are representing must be included in the job description.
  • State in the job description that any fees assessed by the agency will be paid by the client organization or employer you represent. University Career Services will not post any positions that require students to pay fees.
  • Agree that you or your client will not forward University of Houston students/applicants’ resumes to any other party without the student/applicant’s written consent. Failure to comply with this is a violation of The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.
  • Third party recruiters recruiting for third party organizations will not have access to On-Campus Interviews (OCI), career fairs, and resume books.
  • UCS reserves the right to contact the client organization to verify any information regarding the position

National Association of Colleges and Employers Third-Party Recruiting Policies

University Career Services reserves the right to terminate an employer account for misrepresented employment opportunities, and the violation of UCS policies and procedures, the NACE Principals for Professional Practice, and all federal and state employment laws.

Policies for Job Postings and Internships

University Career Services will review all jobs and internships posted by employers for appropriateness and content and reserves the right to remove or decline any job postings that are deemed unsuitable for students and alumni seeking part-time, internship, and full-time positions.

When submitting postings, please ensure they meet the guidelines below:

  • All jobs and internship positions should be professional in nature, and require a degree or pursuit of a degree. Full-time positions require an education level of Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree
  • All job postings for unpaid internships must list a specific person or specific title that the intern will be directly supervised by, and the intern must be working at your company office. Please see the Fact Sheet: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Job descriptions should be detailed, clear, and comprehensive.
  • Compensation is indicated and established on base salary (not including commission).
  • All job postings must include an active and professional website, phone number, company location, and recruiters must use a professional or organization related email address, for example, no gmail or yahoo accounts.
  • If the “Email” option for students to apply is selected and a non-company email address is listed, the apply option will automatically be changed to “Accumulate Online” by UCS staff, and you will be able to view the resumes through the job posting.
  • Postings must also adhere to the UCS recruiting policies, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principals for Professional Practice, and all federal and state employment laws.

On-Campus Interviews Policies

Only direct hiring organizations, seeking candidates for internships and full-time employment (requiring a degree) may conduct On-Campus Interviews.

  • University Career Services will allow only those candidates with matching qualifications to apply for On-Campus Interviews with hiring organizations.
  • Third-party recruiting for third party organizations is not available through On-Campus Interviews.
  • Employers are expected to notify University Career Services of any cancellations or changes to their interview schedules in order for students and alumni planning to participate in these recruiting activities may be notified in a timely manner.
  • If an employer has to withdraw an offer made to a student for any reason, the employer contact is asked to notify the Assistant Director, Employer Development and Relations as soon as possible. Likewise, if a student reneges on an acceptance of employment with an employer, the Assistant Director should be notified in order for a thorough review of the situation can be made.
  • University Career Services reserves the right to refuse any direct hiring organization from participation in On-Campus Interviews, especially in cases of misrepresentation or violation of UCS, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principals for Professional Practice, and all federal and state employment laws.
Non-Discrimination Policy:
UCS makes its interviewing facilities and position-listing services available to employers who do not unlawfully discriminate in the selection of candidates on the basis of national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. Any employer who makes use of University facilities or services must agree to abide by this policy and, if interviewing students, to talk in good faith with students who have been selected for an interview and to refrain from questioning students regarding the above protected classifications.
Release of Student Information and FERPA Policies:
The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that we will obtain consent from students and alumni before releasing their profile and resume information. In addition, employers must use profile and/or resume information only to fill employment vacancies within your own organization. Any information acquired from profiles and/or resumes may not be re-disclosed to any other employer, or third party, and other individuals within an organization except for employment purposes.
Selection by Citizenship or National Origin:
The University of Houston has the privilege to educate outstanding individuals of varying backgrounds, and employers may encounter an international student on their interview schedule. U.S. laws and regulations require certain treatment of international students. Screening candidates based on citizenship or national origin is prohibited. While employers can hire only persons authorized to work in the U.S., there are a number of categories of persons authorized to work. It is prohibited to ask to which category a person fits.

Employers may ask if an applicant is legally authorized to work in the U.S., and may also ask if the applicant will now or in the future require sponsorship for employment visa status. However, employers may not use visa type as a screening tool to deny a qualified, employment-authorized candidate a position. The only exception is a position posting that specifically states a requirement for U.S. citizenship due to grant funding requirements or other specific regulations. Employers must refrain from asking interview questions regarding a candidate's citizenship or national origin, including questions about primary language, acquisition of foreign language reading skills, residency status, or ancestry. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact UCS.