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Casting Policy

Updated February 8, 2012

University of Houston School of Theatre & Dance productions are an extension of the classwork, so the productions are designed to serve theatre students at UH. The School of Theatre & Dance produces plays and productions that embrace the theatrical canon, including classical works, contemporary plays, and new works. Upon acceptance into the program, BFA and MFA actors must be willing and eager to “play as cast” in any given production.

All MFA acting students and all BFA seniors and juniors will be cast in a production each semester. BFA sophomores and freshmen are also eligible for casting every semester, though casting is not guaranteed. Though some non-majors or students who are not in the performance track may be allowed to audition, casting preference will be given to performance students.

If a student feels a given production may cause legitimate personal concerns should they be cast, the student must contact the Head of Performance and/or Head of Graduate Acting at least one week before Auditions/Assessments/Casting Sessions. The student must submit their rationale, in writing, as to why they wish to be excluded from consideration for a given production. Legitimate requests will be reviewed by the Head of the Area and may also be reviewed by faculty.

A request to be excluded from a given production due to upcoming work outside the program is not acceptable. It is the responsibility of the student to make themselves available for all scheduled rehearsals, technical rehearsals, and performance schedules.

If a student fails to fulfill their obligations to a production, it could result in departmental probation or potential discontinuation as a BFA or MFA theatre student.

Because casting takes place early for all productions, on occasion a student who was cast in a production may no longer be a performance student when the production goes into rehearsals. On such occasions, the student's casting in the production is subject to review by the Performance Committee in consultation with the director of each production. Continuation or recasting will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Of primary consideration with be serving the students already cast in the production and other performance track students.

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