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Our faculty are professionals who bring an array of experience including nationally and internationally produced work. They are dedicated to educating the next generation of theatre and dance practitioners.

Scholars and artists, including Tony-nominated designer Kevin Rigdon, LORT dramaturg Dr. Robert Shimko, and award-winning choreographer Karen Stokes, add to the dynamic supportive environment.

In addition, our program is supported by a highly qualified and talented group of graduate assistants from across the United States.

Dr. Robert Shimko – Director of the School of Theatre & Dance

Karen Stokes – Director of Dance Division

Jack Young – Head of MFA Acting

Kevin Rigdon – Head of MFA Design & Technology

Performance Area

Sara Becker – (Head of Performance Area) Assistant Professor, Voice and Shakespeare

Jackie deMontmollin – Associate Director of Theatre Education/Associate Instructional Professor

Carolyn Houston Boone – Associate Professor, Acting

Jim Johnson – Associate Professor, Voice, Speech, and Dialects

Stuart Ostrow – Distinguished Professor of Musical Theatre

Adam Noble – Associate Professor, Acting & Movement

Melissa Noble - Lecturer, Movement & Dance

Jack Young – (Head of MFA Acting) Associate Professor, Acting

Production and Design Area

Kevin Rigdon – (Head of Graduate Design) Professor, Scenic and Lighting Design

Charles Gary Cooper - Assistant Professor of Theatre Education

Steven W. Wallace - Professor, Production & Design

Rachel R. Bush – Assistant Professor, Stage Management

Kenneth Poston – Assistant Professor, Technical Direction

Jonathan Middents – Associate Professor, Production & Design

Barbara Niederer – Assistant Professor, Costume Technology

Claremarie Verheyen – Associate Professor, Makeup and Costume History

Paige Willson – Assistant Professor, Costume Design and Technology

Dance Division

Karen Stokes – Director of Dance Division, Professor

John Beasant III – Assistant Professor, Dance

Teresa Lynn Chapman – Associate Professor, Dance

Rebecca B. Valls – Associate Professor, Dance


Dr. Robert Shimko – Head of BFA Playwriting/Dramatrugy

Theresa Rebeck, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Playwriting

Adjunct Faculty

Jeanne Doornbos – Adjunct Faculty, Dance

Jacqueline Anne Nalett – Adjunct Faculty, Dance

Firat Kazbek Özsoy – Adjunct Faculty, Dance

Leslie Scates – Adjunct Faculty, Dance

Jhon Stronks – Adjunct Faculty, Dance

Sophia L. Torres – Adjunct Faculty, Dance

Lauren Cohen - Adjunct Faculty, Dance

Toni Valle – Adjunct Faculty, Dance

Jon L. Egging - Adjunct Faculty

Courtney Young - Adjunct Faculty

Philip Lehl - Adjunct Faculty

Chris Hutchison - Adjunct Faculty

Elizabeth Bunch - Adjunct Faculty

Shelley Calene-Black - Adjunct Faculty

Lisa Wartenberg - Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Emeritus

Joanna Friesen – Professor Emeritus Dance