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The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts includes the Wortham Theatre, a 565-seat proscenium stage, and the Quintero Theatre, a 185-seat black box. A $4 million renovation by Austin-based architectural firm Lake l Flato was completed in 2005. This construction project enhanced the lobby space of the existing School of Theatre and Dance, added two new rehearsal spaces, and provided a second story office suite for the Mitchell Center for the Arts.

Wortham Theatre

Opened in 1977, cosmetic renovation and new seating 2001, rigging and electrical renovation 2013. The Wortham Theatre is a 565-seat proscenium theatre with a trapped apron/orchestra pit, trapped stage, and counter-weight rigging system. The proscenium opening and stage area closely resembles most Broadway and many LORT theatres. Two dressing rooms with 18 make-up stations each are shared with the Quintero.

Quintero Theatre

Opened in 1977, renovated in 2013, The Quintero is a 50’x 50’ black box theatre with re-configurable seating risers and 185 seats. The renovation of 2013 turned this black box theatre into a state of the art digital and LED installation. The room has a fixed pipe grid at 18’ and a resilient wood floor. The Quintero is one of the few fully digital and large scale LED installations in the country.

Studio 208

Opened in 2004, Studio 208 doubles as a rehearsal studio and classroom. Portable risers with a seating capacity of 50 and black curtains on tracks transform the studio into a performance space. The room has a fixed pipe grid at 14’ and a repertory lighting rig set up for nine areas with tungsten and LED fixtures, 3 arc source moving lights, and a Strand ML 250 control console.

Scenic Workshop

The workshop floor was replaced in 2013. The shop is equipped with basic wood and metal working tools but lacks many of the more specialized tools that are basic to our profession including TIG welding, CNC routing, foam cutting and forming, and vacuum forming.

Costume Workshop

The costume shop was expanded and renovated in 2013. Additional floor space expanded the workshop, laundry and crafts areas. It is laid out with cutting tables, sewing areas, notions wall, design table and hanging space for organizing shows. The shop is equipped with machines (standard and industrial). The school has a very good inventory of dress forms. The shop can accommodate four cutters and ten or more stitchers. The laundry facilities are new, and are equipped with commercial washers and dryers. The craft room is new, with a clean craft area and dirty craft studio, and is equipped with stainless steel sinks, counter and dye vat. A new paint booth will be installed in 2014. The fitting room area has stage lighting and mirrors. While lacking in some specialty equipment, the costume shop is comparably equipped to most LORT theatres. Visit the Rentals page for information on renting costumes for your school production!

Design Studio

The design studio has twelve design stations equipped with a drafting table, taboret, and lamp. The room is equipped with Wi-Fi, corkboards, dry erase board, projector, copier, plotter, lockers and three cutting stations. There are two lighting labs in the studio, a ¼” scale fiber-optic lab and a 1” scale LED, tungsten and moving light lab with a Strand ML 250 console.

Rehearsal Rooms/Studios

There are three rehearsal studios in the building – two with sprung dance floors, windows and over 18’ of height (one is dedicated to the dance program), and one with resilient flooring and 9’ of height. The rooms are of adequate size to accommodate productions in all our theatres. Additionally, dance has another dedicated studio in another building. These rehearsal rooms also double as spaces for scene work, directing projects and voice work. The rehearsal studios are equal to those of most LORT theatres.