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Information for MSSO Members

Semester Rehearsal Schedules


Work Crew Sign-up

    • Each orchestra member must help with one (1) rehearsal set-up and one (1) concert set-up OR teardown.
    • Failure to complete the required set-ups will result in a reduction of one-half letter grade per set-up from your final orchestra grade. 
    • Follow the link for your online Work Crew Sign-up

Absence/Tardy Form

  • You must notify Mr. Krager and Kris Chapman via email in advance of any absence.
  • Fill out an Absence/Tardy form for each day you are absent or tardy. Even if you have found a sub, you still need to complete a form.
  • Follow the link to fill out the online Absence/Tardy Form

Facebook Group

Join the Orchestra Facebook group for regular updates, reminders, weekly rehearsal schedules, etc. Search “Moores School Orchestras.

Orchestra Calendar

Subscribe by clicking on the “plus” button at the bottom right of the calendar.

The Google Orchestra Calendar is here for your convenience. Note that Syllabus is the final and authoritative document for all dates/times. If you notice a conflict with the syllabus, please let Kris Chapman know immediately.