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About the Center


Building on the wealth of experience in the local arts community, the research and best practices of national organizations, the resources of the University of Houston and the larger Houston community, The Center for Arts Leadership at the University of Houston brings together artists, community, faculty and professionals around policy, research and best practices in the arts. Through annual symposia and strategic partnerships between university and community entities, The Center will investigate, create and test leadership practices in the arts.


The Center for Arts Leadership is poised shape the conversation around leadership in the arts and the future of arts audiences. Who is prepared to address the audiences of the second half of the 21st Century? What are the structures for leadership and community interaction that will best prepare artists, organizations and for the future? The arts field must actively address the changes in technology, philanthropy, demographics and the hybridity of current arts practice.

Core components

  • Convene – Create opportunities for exchange among leaders from diverse sectors in the arts to discuss and test ideas on the changing reality of the arts, artists and audiences
  • Research – Encourage and invest in cross-sector research and evaluation methods; create opportunities for dissemination and discussion.
  • Practice – Investigate leadership models that bring arts and diverse communities together; Analyze impact and strategize methods for creating multi-local models; collectively implement field-wide best practices on campus