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Art and Art History Faculty

Jessica Locheed
Instructional Assistant Professor
Graduate Advisor

Fine Arts Building, Room 100 | 713-743-2830


BA, Smith College
MA, University of Iowa, Iowa City
PhD, University of Iowa, Iowa City

Biographical Summary

Dr. Locheed received her PhD with a concentration in mid to late 19th Century French art. Her specific research has been the junctures between late 19th Century French art and literature. She has published articles on the relationship between the art of Degas and the poetic process of the symbolist master Mallarmé. Before returning to Houston she spent many years on faculty at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She teaches Art of our Visual World and Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern. She also teaches a variety of upper level classes on themes and topics from the 19th century in Europe. These include: Survey of 19th Century European Art; Impressionism; Late 19th Century Art; Symbolist Art; and Post-Impressionism.