Make your voice heard, VOTE!

Even though 2013 is not a Presidential, Gubernatorial, or Congressional election year, it doesn't mean you shouldn't go out and have your voice heard! Local counties around Houston including Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery are all having local county elections.

For more information on county specifics such as polling locations, sample ballots, military and oversea voters, and early voting, please visit the county websites listed below:

Harris County

Fort Bend County

Montgomery County

Importance of Voting

The only way to preserve the government "of the people, by the people, for the people" that President Abraham Lincoln described in the Gettysburg Address is for "the people" to participate in election of that government. "The people" that Lincoln was talking about includes each one of us. Voting is not an every four year event when the hoopla of a presidential election stirs voters' interest. The down ballot and off-year elections are very important as well. These are the elections that govern everything from potholes to education to parks to environmental protection to public safety– issues that have an everyday impact on our lives and deserve our attention.

Not too many years ago, people were willing to risk their lives to secure the right to vote. It is a privilege we cannot take for granted. It was not until 1918 that women were allowed to vote. Eighteen year olds have only been able to vote since 1971. The very close Bush v. Gore presidential election in 2000 showed us clearly that each vote can make a difference. Voting is the cornerstone of democracy. We cannot waste this hard-won privilege if we want to preserve government "of the people, by the people, for the people."

Constitutional Provisions Concerning Voting and Elections

Article I, Section 2 Election of United States Representatives
Article I, Section 3 Election of Senators
Article II, Section 1 Election of the President & Vice President
Amendment 12 Election of the President & Vice President
Amendment 14 Equal Protection of the Laws
Amendment 15 Voting Rights for Black Men
Amendment 17 Direct Election of Senators
Amendment 19 Voting Rights for Women
Amendment 23 Electoral Votes for the District of Columbia
Amendment 24 Banning the Poll Tax
Amendment 26 Voting Rights for Young Adults