The Kodály Method

The Kodály method is a complete program of music education that contributes to the emotional, intellectual, aesthetic and physical development of the child, providing the child with tools to help him/her achieve a fuller life.

This method is a structured and sequenced approach to music education that is related to the child’s own development, physically and intellectually.

The principal objectives of Kodály musical training are:

  • To develop to the fullest extent possible the innate musicality present in all children.
  • To make the language of music known to children and to help them become musically literate (able to read, write and create music, to “sing what they see and see what they sing”).
  • To make the music of a child’s own culture known to him through the folk songs of his/her language and culture.
  • To make the great art music of the world available to a child through performing, studying and analyzing music while developing a love and appreciation for all types of music.