Music Education

The Preparatory & Continuing Studies Department at UH Moores School of Music teams with UHCLC and builds another successful collaboration for the arts at our Center.

Ms. Rhona Brink provides music education classes for ALL preschool children two times a week.

Rhona Brink recently retired from public school music education with 26 years of experience. She worked during those years with children, ages 3 – 11. Ms. Brink is a certified specialist in the Kodály approach to teaching music, which is a developmentally-based method of teaching, based on the folk music and art music of the child’s culture. She is an instructor in the newly formed Kodály Institute of Houston, at U of H’s Moores School of Music, teaching pedagogy of music for teachers of pre-school and kindergarten. We are very fortunate to have her teaching at our Center!