At UHCLC, we commit ourselves professionally to fostering an appreciation for and building a natural connection between the arts and learning.

UHCLC formed a committee, Friends Supporting the Arts (FSA), of interested individuals to advocate for the arts at our Center to research funding options that provide opportunities for all children to participate.

In addition, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), states that Accredited Programs adhere to the following Program Standards:

  • Children are provided varied opportunities to gain an appreciation of art, music, drama, and dance in ways that reflect cultural diversity. (2.J.01)
  • Children are provided varied opportunities to learn new concepts and vocabulary related to art, music, drama, and dance. (2.J.04)
  • To better understand the cultural backgrounds of children, families, and the community, program staff (as a part of program activities or as individuals) participate in community cultural events, concerts, storytelling activities, or other events and performances designed for children and their families. (7.A.04)
  • Program staff invites members of the performing and visual arts community, such as musical performers, coordinators of traveling museum exhibits, local artists, and community residents, to share their interests and talents with the children. (8.B.04)
  • The program engages with other community organizations and groups to cosponsor or participate in cultural events to enrich the experience of children and families in the program. (8.B.05)
  • Cultivating self-expression through art
  • Educating children through the arts