CCAMPIS Tuition Assistance Program

The United States Department of Education awarded UH Children's Learning Centers CCAMPIS funding after a grant proposal was submitted by UHCLC Administrators. With this funding, UHCLC can continue to support children by helping their parents stay in school and achieve the goal of graduating with a degree.

Child care tuition assistance awards range up to a 60% reduction in weekly child care tuition fees.

In order be eligible for the CCAMPIS assistance program a parent must:

  • Have a child enrolled at UHCLC.
  • Have a completed application for the current academic year on file with the UH Scholarships and Financial Aid Office. This includes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Be an undergraduate student working towards a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Receive the UH Pell Grant.
  • Be in good academic standing as defined by UH and enrolled for a minimum of six semester hours.
  • Not owe money to UHCLC.
  • Be willing to follow all policies and procedures of UHCLC.
  • Complete a CCAMPIS orientation.

Approved assistance can only be used for the current semester.

Click Here for CCAMPIS Application