Student Employee Agreement

Expectations of Student Employees While on Duty at the UHCLC:

  • Be positive, happy and friendly! We count on our student staff to bring fresh energy into the Center throughout the day.
  • Treat every child with dignity and respect at all times, even if you are redirecting or correcting them. Let the children know what they can do and how they can solve their problems.
  • Conduct all communications with parents and other UH Children's Learning Centers staff in a courteous and professional matter.
  • Do not discuss any child's behavioral, development or personal issues with the parents. If you have any concerns or questions about a child discuss them with the teacher or your immediate supervisor/Master Teacher.
  • Interact with the children; you are here to guide the children through their adventures in learning, not just to baby-sit.
  • Get down on the level of the child. Positive interaction cannot occur when an adult is standing over a child. You need to be down at the child's level at the table or on the floor.
  • Be a flexible team player. You may be asked to help in another classroom and this should be done with the same enthusiasm you bring to your classroom. We are here for all the children not just those in one room.
  • Remember to smile and be pleasant at all times; always greet the child and the parents first.

All students must adhere to these guidelines whether it's within the classroom, working in the kitchen, and/or working at the Front desk.

Student Staff Dress Code and Appearance

You did not get a job at the mall. Remember this is a child care center, looking respectable and being prepared for the child care work environment is what we expect at all times. As a UH Children's Learning Centers employee you are a representative of our program and personal appearance is very important to our overall professional image. The following standards are to be observed:

  • Wear clothing and shoes that will enable you to participate in safety drills, physical/custodial or classroom activities/duties. We strongly recommend that closed toe shoes be worn at all times.
  • Be prepared for the seasonal and daily weather conditions of Houston by bringing a jacket/sweater/raincoat.
  • Clothes that are really tight or revealing are not acceptable.
  • Shirts, blouses and tops must cover the breast, shoulder, back and tummy.
  • Shorts, dresses or shirts shorter that 4 inches above the knee are not acceptable.
  • Logo shirts must not have profanity, violence or provocative images on them.

By clicking "I AGREE" I have read, understand, and agree to follow the expectations stated above if I become a UHCLC student employee.

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