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Center for Choreography

The vitality of dance lies in a plasticity of mind and body. We seek to instill this vitality in our dancers.

Founded in 2000, the Center for Choreography seeks to train students in creative thought and movement, provide a venue for choreographers from this country and abroad to exchange ideas and methods, and to bring a new dimension of artistic and educational endeavor to Houston.

Our Vision

The Center for Choreography emphasizes and supports the creative act of making dances as the cornerstone for artistic growth in the field of dance. The Center builds on the tradition of modern dance as the backbone of college dance training.

Choreography Courses Courses offered in Choreography at the University of Houston:

  • Dance as a Fine Art (DAN 1300): Introduction to the aesthetics in composition and dance.
  • Dance Improvisation (DAN 2300): Exploration of use of the body and variables of space, time, and energy. Pre-requisite: DAN 1300
  • Composition I (DAN 2305): Approaches to compositional form emphasizing creative and innovative experiences. Pre-requisite: DAN 2300
  • Composition II (DAN 3305): Materials and techniques relating to rhythmic qualities that artistically support movement. Pre-requisite: DAN 2305
  • Senior Projects (DAN 4105): Directed research project culminating in a fully realized choreographed performance. Pre-requisite: DAN 3305.
  • Aesthetics of 20th Century Contemporary Dance (DAN 3300): Distance Education course on dance making.

Contact Us

For more information about the Center for Choreography, please contact Karen Stokes: Telephone: (713) 743-2915 Email:

For more information about dance degree plans, contact the School of Theatre and Dance: (713) 743-3003.

The Center for Choreography is a member of the Fresh Arts Coalition.