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Submission Procedures

Prior to the defense, prepare three (3) signature pages on 100% cotton paper (minimum 20 lb). [For Senior Honors Thesis prepare a total of four (4) signature pages on 100% cotton paper.] Upon a successful defense, the committee and student will sign the signature pages. After any revisions suggested by the committee have been made and you are ready to submit to the Dean’s Office, prepare a review copy on regular paper.

The procedure for organizing submission materials is explained below:

  • Secure a copy of the Title Page to the outside of an envelope.
  • Place the review copy in an envelope along with a typed contact sheet of paper with your information. Include name, UH ID number, department, email, and telephone.
  • Place the signature pages in a folder and place the folder inside the envelope.
  • If applicable, insert a folder containing the required copyright page, publication agreement form, any necessary copyright permissions, and/or The Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) into the envelope.

The manuscript will be examined for adherence to general format of components, margins, tables, etc. Once the manuscript is submitted to the Dean for final approval allow five business days before contacting the office to verify if the thesis/dissertation has been approved by the Dean and the signature pages are available to be picked up. If the Dean’s Office has requested corrections, the student must pick up the manuscript, make the corrections and resubmit. The thesis/dissertation is not approved until the Dean has approved the corrected version of the manuscript. Once the manuscript has been approved, the student will pick up the signature pages from the Dean’s office.