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Microfilming and Copyrighting

The availability of the doctoral candidate’s dissertation to interested scholars is an integral part of the requirements for the doctoral degree. The dissertation is not only a degree requirement, but also an advancement of knowledge and understanding. Therefore, the Office of the Dean in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences submits each dissertation to ProQuest Information and Learning to microfilm each dissertation. Following the processing of the dissertation, the abstract of the dissertation is published in the next quarterly issue of Dissertation Abstracts International. Copies become available to the general public around the same time the abstract appears in Dissertation Abstracts International. The student may order additional copies of the manuscript from ProQuest at the time of submission by completing the publication agreement form. A student should allow about five (5) months between the filing of the process request and the delivery date.
Please be aware that all fees listed below are subject to change without notice.


All dissertations must be microfilmed. Dissertations are not required to be copyrighted, but can be at the student’s request. Master’s theses are not required to be microfilmed, but a master’s candidate may elect to have the thesis copyrighted, thus requiring it also be microfilmed. If you elect or are required to have your manuscript microfilmed, submit the following documents in your manuscript envelope:

  • Completed ProQuest publication agreement form, available in the Dean’s office or here (There are distinct versions for theses and dissertations).
  • Two (2) additional copies of the Title Page
  • One (1) additional copy of the Abstract title Page
  • Two (2) additional copies of the Abstract
  • A cashier’s check or money order made payable to ProQuest. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.

ProQuest Micoflming Fee

  • Thesis: $55.00*
  • Dissertation $ 65.00*


As the author of a dissertation or thesis, you have the option to register your manuscript for copyright. If your work is copyrighted it must also be microfilmed. The existence of a copyright page in the proper form notifies the public of the author’s claim for copyright, but protection from infringement can only be received from legal copyright registration with the Library of Congress. The student may choose to register the copyright (information available in the Dean’s Office, and, or select ProQuest as your agent. If you sign the copyright section in one the publication booklets, “Publishing Your Master’s Thesis” or “Publishing Your Dissertation,” ProQuest will register the copyright for you and deposit a microfiche copy of your work in the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. If you select ProQuest as your agent, provide an additional copy of the exact documents listed in the microfilming section above in your manuscript envelope.

ProQuest Copyrighting Fee

  • Dissertation or Thesis: $55.00 *

The Dean’s office will send the manuscript and other materials to ProQuest directly.

*All fees subject to change