Application Process

NOTE to FALL 2014 Applicants: The procedure listed below is for all applicants who are applying for the SPRING 2014 TERM. If you are planning on applying for the FALL 2014 TERM the procedure is all online. Please visit the website of the University of Houston Graduate School at for detailed information on the new online process. We highly encourage all Fall 2014 applicants to submit all of their documents electronically:

  • through myUH, and
  • with electronic ETS delivery of test scores and
  • electronically delivered transcripts by academic institutions, if available.
  • Letters of recommendations should be received electronically through the new e-reference process in place. Applicants need to submit reference information on the application.

In the case when an university cannot send electronic transcripts, hard-copy submission of transcripts must be sent to the address for graduate admissions:

    TX 77253-3947

Individuals seeking to pursue the Master's degree at the University of Houston should either contact the Sociology Graduate Advisor for information and clarification or send a complete application packet which includes required documents directly to the Sociology Graduate Advisor. This page will allow you to begin the application process.

  • To apply for the  Sociology Graduate Studies Program please begin by filling out the online application at  Apply Texas  (  .
  • Once you have completed the online application, send a print out of the application along with the other required materials (see “Admission Information” below) to the Sociology Graduate Advisor at: Sociology Graduate Advisor, Department of Sociology, University of Houston, 450 Philip Hoffman Hall, Houston, TX 77204-3012.
  • Presently, there is a $35 application fee for all applicants. International students have additional fees. See next point. All applicants must pay the required application fees before their application is considered complete and ready for review.
  • The University applies a fee to international applications. If you are an International student, please follow the instructions at the University of Houston International Admissions site. Note that the application fee for International Students is $75 paid by personal check drawn on US banks, or Cashier’s checks, or Money Order. If payment is being sent from outside the United States, it must be in the form of an American express money order.
  • Applicants for the Fall Semester should submit completed application packet (See Admission Information and Requirements) to the Graduate Advisor by April 1. International students must apply by April 1. Partial applications will not reviewed. Review will take place when all necessary documents are submitted.
  • Applicants for the Spring Semester should submit completed applications to the Graduate advisor by November 1. International students must apply by October 1. Partial applications will not be reviewed. Review will take place when all necessary documents are submitted.
  • The Department of Sociology Graduate Program does not accept applications for Summer Semesters.
  • Completed Applications will be reviewed by the Sociology Graduate Studies Committee. Official acceptance or denial of the application will be made in writing by the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and sent through the mail