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Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

Assistant Professor

Phone: (713)743-3958
Email:jabrown8 [at] central [dot] uh [dot] edu
Office: 484 Philip G. Hoffman Hall
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Ph.D Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A., Cornell University, Ithaca New York


Jessica Brown, Ph.D., joined the University of Houston Department of Sociology as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2010. Professor Brown conducts qualitative research in the areas of immigration, transnational sociology, gender, and race and ethnicity. Her dissertation examined the process of citizenship education for immigrants in the German city of Frankfurt am Main with a focus on how certain normative ideologies, emotions, and micro-level practices are used to draw the line between citizen and "outsider." Her earlier work looked at British print media coverage of falling fertility levels in the UK and Europe and analyzed pronatalist appeals aimed at convincing native-born (white) women to increase their fertility so as to forestall the need for replacement migration.

Research Interests

  • Immigration, Transnational and comparative sociology, sociology of gender, sociology of race and ethnicity, qualitative methodology.


  • Sociology of Immigration
  • Sociology of Marriage and the Family
  • Qualitative Methodology

Selected Publications

  • Brown, Jessica Autumn. 2016.  “Running on Fear: Immigration, Race, and Crime Framings in Contemporary GOP Presidential Debate Discourse” Critical Criminology DOI 10/1007/s10612-016-9317-8
  • Brown, Jessica Autumn. 2016. “The New ‘Southern Strategy:’ Immigration, Race, and ‘Welfare Dependency’ in Contemporary US Republican Political Discourse,” Geopolitics, History, and International Relations 8(2): 22–41.
  • Brown, Jessica Autumn. 2015.  “The Southwestern Strategy: Immigration and Race in GOP Discourse” Working Paper 2015.01 Kinder Institute For Urban Research, Rice University. URL:
  • Brown, Jessica Autumn. 2014 “Work, Sex and Cigarettes: Gender and the ‘Good Citizen’ in Orientation Classes for Immigrants in Germany.” Feminist Formations 26(3): 29-53.
  • Brown, Jessica Autumn. 2014. “Our National Feeling is a Broken One: Civic Education and the Holocaust in German Citizenship Education.” Qualitative Sociology 37(4): 425-442.
  • Brown, Jessica Autumn. 2014. “‘We Must Demonstrate Intolerance toward the Intolerant’: Boundary Liberalism in Citizenship Education for Immigrants in Germany.” Critical Sociology.
  • Brown, Jessica Autumn. 2014. “For These People It is Almost Too Late: German Citizenship Education, Islam, and the Construction of Normativity and Deviance.” Pp.214-234 in The Death and Resurrection of Deviance, edited by Michael Dellwing, Joseph A. Kotarba, and Nathan Pino. New York: Palgrave-MacMillan.
  • Brown, Jessica Autumn. 2013. “Looking for the Story: On Inductive Content Analysis” (essay) and “Close Your Eyes and Think of England” (reprint). Pp.171-187 in The Craft of Research, edited by Shamus Khan and Dana Fisher. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Brown, Jessica Autumn and Myra Marx Ferree. 2005. “Close Your Eyes and Think of England: Pronatalism in the British Print Media.” Gender & Society 19(1): 5-24.
  • Wade, Lisa, Emily Kremer, and Jessica Brown. 2005. “The Incidental Orgasm: The Presence of Clitoral Knowledge and the Absence of Orgasm for Women.” Women and Health 42(1): 117-138.
  • Jessica Brown. 2003. “In Praise of Good Breeding: Pronatalism and Race in the British Print Media.” Journal of Women's History 15(3): 161-166.