Director: Qian Lu, Ph.D.

2010-2011 Lab Members

Current Graduate Students

Jen Bryant

Chaminade University of Honolulu B. S. Biology

Research Interests:
Health Psychology

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Poster Presentations

Sacnas 2008 Kansas City, Missouri

Na Liko Na'auao 2008‏ Honolulu, Hawaii

Timothy Burnight

B.A. from Purdue University in 2009

Research Interests:
Pain perception
Cancer survivorship
Alternative cancer treatments
Physiological response measurement

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No information is available at this time.

Nelson Chun Yiu Yeung

B.S., Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 2006)
M.Phil., Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 2008)

Research Interests:
Health Psychology
Cancer survivorship
Adaptation to chronic illnesses in close relationships
Men's Health and family support
Behavioral modification for prevention of chronic illness

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Lau, J.T.F, Yeung, N.C.Y., Choi, K., Cheng, M.Y.M., Tsui, H.Y., & Griffiths, S. (2010). Factors in association with acceptability of A/H1N1 vaccination during the influenza A/H1N1 pandemic phase in the Hong Kong general population. Vaccine, 28, 4632-4637

Lau, J.T.F, Yeung, N.C.Y., Choi, K., Cheng, M.Y.M., Tsui, H.Y., & Griffiths, S. (2009). Acceptability of A/H1N1 vaccination during pandemic phase of influenza A/H1N1 in Hong Kong: Population-based cross-sectional survey. British Medical Journal, 339, b4164

Conference Presentations

Yeung, N.C.Y., Dai, J., Zheng, D., Man, J., Loh, A., Young, L., & Lu, Q. (February, 2011). Exploration of culturally-unique needs and challenges experienced by Chinese breast cancer survivors living in the US: A qualitative study using expressive writing approach. Poster to be presented at the 8th Annual Conference of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society, Anaheim, California, the United States of America.

Yeung, N.C.Y, Lau, J.T.F., Yu, X., Zhang, J., Mak, W.W.S., Lui, W.W.S., & Zhang. J. (November, 2009). Validation of measurements for posttraumatic stress disorder, posttraumatic growth, and resilience in the aftermath of the Sichuan Earthquake. Paper presented at the Asia Conference on Emerging Issues in Public Health, Hong Kong, China.

Yeung, N.C.Y. & Mak, W. W. S. (Apr, 2009). The critical role of abstinence self-efficacy in predicting smoking cessation among quit intenders. Paper presented at the 12th World Public Health Congress 2009, Istanbul, Turkey.

Yeung, N.C.Y. & Mak, W. W. S. (July, 2008). Application of self-determination theory on smoking reduction: Role of relationally-autonomous motivation. The XXIX International Congress of Psychology (ICP), Berlin, Germany.

Yeung, N.C.Y., Tang, C. S. K., & Cheung, F. Y. L. (November, 2007). Psychological correlates of cyber addiction among Hong Kong adolescents. Paper presented at the World Psychiatry Association (WPA) International Congress 2007, Melbourne, Australia.

Yeung, N.C.Y. & Mak, W. W. S. (July, 2007). Psychological well-being of tuberculosis patients: Mediational role of self-care self-efficacies on self-stigma and social support. Poster presented at the Fifth World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (WCBCT), Barcelona, Spain.

Yeung, N.C.Y. & Tang, C. S. K. (April, 2007). Definitions of risky vaginal intercourses and self-efficacy: important for promoting condom use. Paper presented at the 18th World Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), 1st World Congress for Sexual Health, Sydney, Australia.

Yeung, N.C.Y. & Tang, C. S. K. (November, 2006). Intentions to use condoms: The role of self-efficacy and type of sexual experience. Symposium presented at the Ninth International Congress of Behavioral Medicine (ICBM), Bangkok, Thailand.