Research Resources

Gully's research methods site

Professor Stan Gully's site has good links to methods sites, particularly concerned with statistical software.

International Personality Item Pool

Professor Lewis Goldberg's site devoted to assessment of personality. You can use his personality scales for research without cost to assess the Big Five and other variables.

Kenny's Research Website

Professor David Kenny's website of information about research methodology and tests for mediation.

MacCallum's Website

Professor Robert MacCallum's website contains dowloadable papers and the text of an unfinished factor analysis book. A SAS program to compute power for SEM analyses is here.

Meta Analysis

Larry Lyons' meta-analysis site, contains a description and history of the technique, as well as links to other relevant sites. Mainly covers the Hunter-Schmidt method.

Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis

Online statistics package to do some simple analyses, many nonparametric. Some downloadable MSDOS programs are free.

Task Force on Statistical Inference Report

APA's blue ribbon panel report on methodological issues. Should be read by all researchers in the social sciences.

Structural Equation Modeling

Professor Ed Rigdon's SEM site with lots of good links.