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Industrial Organizational Psychology
Department of Psychology
126 Heyne Building
The University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-5022
Phone: 713-743-8500


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Graduate Assistant Tuition Fellowship (GATF)

Graduate Assistant Tuition Fellowship (GATF) information: In addition to the non-resident tuition waiver, the GATF covers the cost of either nine or twelve credit hours for the Fall and Spring semesters and six credit hours for the Summer semester. This leaves only about $800-$1500 in fees and tuition (depending on whether the GATF covers nine or twelve hours) each fall and spring semester and $500-$600 in the summer to be paid by the student.

Teaching Fellowship (TF)

TA/TF/RA: Sources of financial support for first- and second-year graduate students typically include a Teaching Assistantship (TA) in undergraduate psychology courses. Students are expected to assist Professors or advanced graduate students as needed. The Department of Psychology guarantees funding support for all first year students through TA.  For 2008-2009, the monthly stipend for a 50 percent appointment (20 hrs/wk) will minimally be $965, or $8685 for the nine-month academic year.  Students in TA appointments are assigned to 1 to 3 course sections per semester, depending on the workload of the course(s).  Summer support as a TA ($2895 total for 3 months) is also available upon early request by the student and fund availability. Additionally, first and second year graduate students may be eligible for additional fellowships and grants based on their credentials.

Research Assistantship (RA)

The sources of financial support for third- and fourth-year graduate students typically include a Teaching Fellowship (TF) or Research Assistantship (RA). As a TF, Students are listed as the Instructors of Record and are expected to fulfill all responsibilities of teaching a course in their area of expertise.  Each TF is expected to instruct two course sections per semester. The current monthly stipend for a 50 percent TF appointment is $1,100, or $9,900 for the nine-month academic year. Summer support as a TF ($3300 total for 3 months) is also available upon early request by the student and fund availability. RAs may assist professors or advanced graduate students working on funded research projects. Stipends for RAs vary, ranging from $965-$1900/month. Many I/O students secure an internship during this period.

By the fifth year, most students have completed their practicum and for financial support will either return to the University as a Teaching Fellow or spend another year in a paid practicum. The Department does not guarantee support beyond the first year. However, students in good standing have generally been successful in securing funding throughout at least the first four years of graduate school through a combination of teaching, research appointments, and external internships.