For Prospective Graduate Students

Research goals:

Our lab focuses on four factors of the learning environment:

  • Context (word mappings, social cues, natural play scenes)
  • Language structure (English? Spanish? Korean? Japanese?)
  • Cognitive environment (monolingual or bilingual)
  • Physical experience (does "giving" feel different than "receiving"?)

We seek to understand how these factors influence the process of language learning—how children's continuous interaction with the world helps them to learn language. Developmental changes are imperative for children to succeed at such seemingly complex tasks as language learning. We strive to recognize when these changes occur, and exactly which cognitive factors are affected as a result.

Lab goals

The main goal of our lab is to create and maintain a fun and stimulating intellectual community that produces a continuous flow of exciting presentations and papers.

For Prospective Graduate Students

For prospective developmental psychology Graduate students and/or for more information about the graduate program, please refer to the Developmental Psychology homepage.

For Prospective Undergraduate Research Assistants

Undergraduate students can earn research credit in Psychology by working in a research laboratory. It is a great opportunity to gain valuable research experience and to work closely with a faculty mentor. Hours are flexible, but students must be available 12-15 hours per week (for Spring and Fall and longer for shorter sessions).

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