Developmental Psychology with a Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience focus. This interdisciplinary program will emphasize broad training in the study of the neuro-anatomical, physiological, cellular and genetic bases of cognitive processes and their behavioral concomitants as they unfold and change over the lifespan. The curriculum will cover a number of fields including sensation, perception, attention, language, memory, decision-making, reasoning, executive function, emotion, consciousness and social processes. This will involve courses taught by experts in the field who have appointments at the University of Houston, the Texas Medical Center (the University of Texas' Health Sciences Center at Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, and related institutions and hospitals). In addition, faculty have strong links to a number of other departments and centers on campus (Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Education and Speech, Communication Sciences and the Center for Drug and Social Policy Research) and extensive long-term relationships with the Texas Medical Center in terms of research, teaching, practicum, and clinical endeavors. The program is designed to prepare scientists to teach and conduct research in an interdisciplinary field. A core faculty at the University of Houston will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the program, mentoring of students, supervision of theses and dissertations, and primary research training. This training will be supplemented by experiences in other departments and institutions depending on the interests and goals of the students. Each student will have a mentor and a committee designed to guide their education and training as it develops and changes during their tenure in the department. Stipends in the form of research and teaching assistantships are available for students. Faculty may also provide research assistantships through federally funded grants from the NIH and NSF.