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Mental Health and Campus Experiences of Immigrant Undergraduate Students

(SHSU PI: Tessa Long; UH project leader: Kiana Wall)

Currently, there are over 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. Many of these individuals are children who have lived in the US for their entire lives and are unaware of their immigration status until late adolescence. This creates the first of many stressful barriers when transitioning from high school to college as an undocumented individual. Through collaboration with several higher education institutions in Texas, researchers at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) aim to collect demographics on both documented and undocumented immigrant undergraduates and to quantitatively assess relations between undocumented immigrants' mental health outcomes, academic achievement, and campus experiences. The principal investigator of this study at SHSU is graduate student Tessa Long. The faculty sponsor of this study at SHSU is Dr. Amanda Venta.

Personalized Feedback Intervention for HIV/AIDS Affected Adults

We have received a GEAR grant to study the effects of an intervention based on social learning theory to affect adherence and other outcomes in HIV infected adults. This study is in collaboration with Drs. Mike Zvolensky and Clayton Neighbors and takes place at the Legacy Clinic of Houston.

Mentalization-Based Treatment Trial for Suicidal Adolescents

(Project leader: Ronnie McLaren)

We are collaborating with Dr. Laurel Williams at Baylor College of Medicine to run a RCT to test the efficacy of MBT for adolescents with suicidal behaviors. Patients are recruited at the Legacy Clinic.