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Center for Couples Therapy

 Does your relationship need a check-up?

Often times, couples can improve their relationships on their own if they just know what to fix.

The Couples Check-up involves a comprehensive assessment of a couple’s strength and weaknesses in communication. This profile is based on scientific research on couples’ communication as it relates to long-term relationship success.

The 2-hour Couples Check-up uses questionnaires, actual observations of couple’s conflict, and psychophysiological responding. Data obtained from each partner is summarized into a comprehensive report. Individualized feedback is provided in a second, 1-hour session with a licensed psychologist.

The University of Houston Center for Couples Therapy provides state-of-the-art services for couples in committed relationships. Our approach draws upon the latest scientific information about the ingredients to relationship success. Couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties as well as those who want to make an already good relationship even better can benefit from the Couples Check-up.

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Helping couples help themselves.