Clinical Research Program

Gordon L. Paul, Ph.D., Emeritus Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Chair, and Director of the Clinical Research Program

Local program members are: back row, from left: Uma Shankar Koushik Kethamakka, B.S.; Alicia Pardee, M.A.; J. Leigh Noblin, M.A., and; front row, Marco J. Mariotto, Ph.D.

About Us

The Clinical Research Program is focused on understanding and ameliorating problems of people with psychoses and other severe and chronic mental disorders as well as improving the mental health systems that serve them. More than 35 years of research and development with collaborators in several states have resulted in evidenced-based psychosocial procedures that provide effective and cost-efficient treatment and integrated aftercare to hospitalized mental patients who were previously thought to be untreatable. In addition, the Clinical Research Program has developed and thoroughly evaluated a comprehensive approach to assessment and monitoring of patient, staff, and program functioning in residential and inpatient treatment settings. Both the treatment program and the comprehensive computerized assessment/information system have been prominently featured in Catalog of Clinical Training Opportunities: Best Practices for Recovery and Improved Outcomes for People with Serious Mental Illness (2007) by the APA/CAPP Task Force on Serious Mental Illness and Severe Emotional Disturbance. Materials are currently being developed to aid implementation of the treatment program and assessment system. Opportunities exist for consulting with mental health agencies to help them provide evidence-based assessment and treatment to those individuals most in need of such services.