Research Training

The ADC Research Lab aims to provide educational opportunities to undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students in research training and becoming a scientist-practitioner. In our lab students become involved in research from early on in their graduate training to ensure continuity between thesis and dissertation work. As graduate members of the research team, students are likely to take the lead on a particular project under the direct supervision of Dr. Norton. Undergraduates may get involved in many levels of the research projects, and may receive training in clinical interviews, data management and analyses and experimental work. Undergraduates are encouraged to participate in the preparation and publication of manuscripts. They work under the supervision of Dr. Norton and his graduate students. If you are an undergraduate interested in joining our lab, e-mail our Head RA, Aammar Khan at

Lab organization

Dr. Norton is the Director of the lab. Terri Barrera, M.A. is the Assistant Director. Aammar Khan, B.S. is the Head Research Assistant who manages the day-to-day activities of the undergraduate research assistants. Graduate students and undergraduate students attend lab meeting/supervision session once weekly where cases are discussed and lab members have the opportunity to talk about their research.