Clinical, Assessment, Consulting, and Training Activities


The AHRL-SUTC is a treatment, research, and training clinic affiliated with the American Psychology Association-approved UH Clinical Psychology Program. Our mission is to provide accurate evidence-based information and effective treatment for adults and youth suffering from anxiety and/or substance use disorders, or those desiring health behavior change (e.g., increasing fitness levels, maximizing athletic performance). We specialize in the following behavior problems: panic attacks, panic disorder, trauma exposure, posttraumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and excessive worry, tobacco use and dependence, problematic cannabis use, managing psychological well-being with chronic physical illness, and counteracting sedentary behavior as well as other high-risk behavior (e.g., unprotected sex).

Our work is aimed at health promotion, prevention, and evaluating the utility of interventions (often health behavior oriented) for anxiety-substance use disorders. Our approach attempts to view the person in the social-biological-environmental context in which he or she lives. We seek to help establish and successfully reach practical, meaningful, and realistic life and behavior change goals in an integrative fashion. We focus on anxiety-substance use behavior change as well as health behavior change (e.g., increasing exercise or fitness), consultation, assessment, and treatment in individual and group formats. In such work, we tend to emphasize 'present-oriented' approaches to learning and behaving (e.g., mindfulness, exercise) in order to facilitate positive adaptation and change. We believe by working together in a non-judgemental, yet collaborative fashion, we can achieve meaningful and lasting change. We ground our assessment and treatment approaches in the science of mind-body approaches with an emphasis on practical and personal success. Specifically, in our substance use and addictive behavior work we often utilize harm reduction strategies, which represents a pragmatic approach to reduce the harmful consequences of drug use and other high-risk activities by incorporating strategies that cut across the spectrum from safer use to managed use to abstinence. Overall, avoiding stigmatism and condemnation, we seek to work with the individual or community to minimize the consequences of harmful behavior.

We routinely carry out trainings and workshops for interested parties locally as well as in all regions of North, Central, and South America. Examples of recent activities include consultation on state-specific tobacco-treatment guidelines, training in evidence-based assessment and care models for co-occurring anxiety/mood-substance use conditions, education and training in integrated treatment for Spanish-speaking persons with anxiety/stress-tobacco conditions, management of anxiety and stress for persons with HIV/AIDS, and consultation on stress-based treatment for military personnel (e.g., returning Veterans). We have completed work in the United States, Canada, South America, Central America, and across various areas in Eastern Europe, Israel, and Australia.

If you are interested to learn about any of our ongoing studies, please call us at 713-743-8056 to schedule an appointment, or e-mail You may be eligible to participate in one of our current studies.

If you are seeking individual care or consultation or workshop training for your organization, please contact Dr. Zvolensky directly at

*Spanish-speaking services may be available.