Department of Psychology
The University of Houston
126 Heyne Building
Houston, TX 77204-5522
(713) 743-8500

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T. Siva Tian, Ph.D.

T. Siva Tian

Assistant Professor
Psychological Science
Ph.D, University of Southern California

Heyne Building, Room 126

Biographical Summary

Siva Tian holds a Ph.D. (2009) in Quantitative Psychology and a Master (2007) in Statistics from the University of Southern California. She conducts research in statistical methods with applications in the areas of medical imaging and social sciences.

Research Interests

High-dimensional statistics, functional data analysis, robust methods, machine learning

Selected Publications

Tian, T. S., James, G. M., Wilcox, R. R. (2009). A Multivariate Adaptive Stochastic Search Method for Dimensionality Reduction in Classification. Annals of Applied Statistics. (in press)

Marmolejo-Ramos, F., Tian, T. S. (2009). The Shifting Boxplot: A Boxplot Based on Essential Summary Statistics around the Mean. International Journal of Psychological Research. (in press)

Wilcox, R., Tian, T. (2008). Comparing Dependent Correlations: Dealing with Non-Normality. Journal of General Psychology, 135, 105-112.

Tian, T., Wilcox, R. R. (2007). A Comparison of Two Rank Tests in Repeated Measures Designs. Journal of Modern and Applied Statistical Methods, 6(1), 331-335.