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Survey Experiments are mass surveys into which experimental treatments are embedded. Conducting survey experiments allows a researcher to diagnose and to control the effects of question wording, question order, priming effects, and priming effects. When conducted over the internet, survey experiments have the additional benefit of allowing one to incorporate multimedia, such as streaming video.

Compared to traditional experiments, the primary advantage of survey experiments is their potentially large sample sizes. This helps to assure representative samples, and is further beneficial when one wishes to diagnose and to control dispositional effects. Large samples are usually necessary for factorial designs, especially when one expects heterogeneous responsiveness to treatments.

The Survey Experiments Working Group uses a voluntary subject pool comprised by students enrolled in required courses on American politics and Texas politics. Beginning in Spring 2010, the Working Group will accept applications by faculty and graduate students to conduct survey experiments using the subject pool.

To submit a proposal send an email to with the following information.

  1. A title, provided at the top of the first page of the proposal.
  2. A thorough description of the study design.
  3. An explanation of how the study will make a valuable contribution to science and society.
  4. An explanation of how people in other scientific disciplines will benefit from this study.
  5. A request for a particular number of respondent-items with justification.
  6. An appendix with actual questions and description of stimuli.

All decisions will be based on merit, time availability, and... .