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The Flipped Classroom

What is a Flipped Classroom?

In a flipped classroom the traditional method of lecturing in class and assigning homework for students to complete at home is reversed. Students listen and watch lectures via video on their own time outside of class, and use the time in class to complete homework, work through problems, collaborate with others and the instructor, discuss advanced concepts, and other more engaging or interactive activities.

Benefits of Flipping a Classroom

  • Flipped Classroom

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The flipped classroom maximizes the face-to-face time for discussion where students are able to ask questions and interact in real-time with their instructors and fellow classmates. In other words, rather then being alone at home when working through complex topics or homework questions while studying, students benefit from the instructor's presence, coaching, and guidance. The ability to shift the lecture outside of the classroom time allows time for increased active learning and engagement through the professor's expertise, facilitation, and guidance.Because face to face time is limited, flipped classrooms can also provide the ability to cover more material during the semester. Students can also take their time to complete their notes, reflect, pause, replay, and re-listen to the lectures to spend time digesting complex lecture based topics by watching the lectures online, outside of class. Students are able to better prepare for classroom discussions - and engage in them - through being better informed of the main topics and concepts before coming to class.
[source: Grand Rapids Community College]

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