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Emerging Trends Conversations about teaching and learning in a networked world

A partnership of the Office of the Provost and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

02.09 // Maximizing Student Engagement and Learning through Video


Location: Agnes Arnold Hall, Room 210

Online video has become an important part of teaching and learning in online, blended and web-enhanced courses. Students have come to expect access to online video in many of their courses, and faculty have an abundance of tools that make it easy to produce and distribute video online. This session of Emerging Trends will focus on how video can increase student engagement. How long should a video be? Should longer videos be edited into shorter segments? Should the instructor be visible in the video? Should the instructor speak more slowly? Should the video use studio production techniques like green screen or animations? Should the instructor work from a script or speak extemporaneously? This session will explore current research on the best approaches to online video for teaching and learning.

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03.02 // Office 365


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