Media for Social Justice: Journalism, Activism and Technology

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Jack J. Valenti School of Communications presents its second annual Global Communication Summit. This year’s theme is “Media for Social Justice: Journalism, Activism and Technology.” The summit will bring together journalists, activists, scholars, and students from Latin America and the United States to explore the media-social movement relationship and ways journalists and activists can collaborate to take a stand and denounce injustice.

The conference will examine:
• The growing trend of journalism activism and journalists as activists
• Question who benefits from upholding the division between the two
• Address who might benefit from innovative approaches to protest coverage that respond to ethical imperatives first, not only informing citizens but encouraging their political and social participation.

A documentary screening of 500 Years, about the resistance of indigenous peoples in Guatemala, will immediately follow the conference. The screening, along with a Q&A with film protagonist and keynote speaker Irma Alicia Velásquez Nimatuj, will take place from 6-9 in the Student Center Theater.

To register for the summit, please visit: