Private Instruction

Lessons currently offered in piano, violin, voice, cello, guitar, percussion, theory, and organ.

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2013–2014 Session Schedule

Fall 2013 Session: August 26 – December 20
Spring 2014 Session: January 13 – May 9
Summer 2014 Session: June 2 – August 10


Private instruction is offered for study with a Professional or Student Instructor. Instructors are assigned by referral and depending on availability. All lessons are taught at the UH main campus. Professional Instructors have advanced degrees in their instrument and significant teaching experience. All Student Instructors have received their undergraduate degrees and are masters students at the university.


Students are given weekly lessons and lesson times may be arranged for thirty (30), forty-five (45), or sixty (60) minutes. Instructors design lesson plans appropriate to the student's skill level and curriculum includes development of performance skills, technique, theory and general musicianship. Attendance at all lessons is expected. To ensure success, students should practice daily for at least the length of their lesson.


There is one recital opportunity at the end of each fall and spring semester in Dudley Recital Hall.  Recitals for the 2013-2014 year are scheduled as follows:

Sunday, December 15, 2013:

3:00 PM – Youth Instrumental Recital (Students in Pre-K – Jr. High)
5:00 PM – Adult Instrumental Recital (Students in High School and older)
7:00 PM – Voice Recital

Sunday, May 18, 2014:

3:00 PM – Youth Instrumental Recital (Students in Pre-K – Jr. High)
5:00 PM – Adult Instrumental Recital (Students in High School and older)
7:00 PM – Voice Recital

Tuition & Fees

The rates for the Private Instruction are based on an hourly rate as follows:

  • $60/hr for Professional Teacher instruction
  • $45/hr for Student Teacher instruction

The fall and spring semesters last for 16 weeks. The summer session is 8 lessons, unless otherwise arranged with the teacher. Fees will be pro-rated if the student begins lessons after the semester start date. Additional fees include a $25 registration fee per student (or $40 registration fee per family) per semester. Additional fees for books and other materials vary. Commitment to the program is preferred for the entire year or three (3) semesters.

A $30 late fee will be charged to all accounts for payments made after payment deadlines. A $30 fee will be charged for all returned checks. Checks should be made payable to the University of Houston.


Tuition payments made in full at the beginning of the semester are appreciated, however, an installment payment plan is available for the fall and spring semesters. There are 3 installments per semester, a $15 installment fee is applied to the 2nd and 3rd payments, and a $30 late fee will be applied to any late payments.

An initialed and signed student policy agreement is required before the first lesson is taught

The installment payment schedule for 2013–2014 is as follows:

FALL 2013

August 23 – 50% of tuition due
September 20 – 75% of tuition due + $15 installment fee
October 18 – Balance due in full + $15 installment fee


January 10 – 50% of tuition due
February 7 – 75% of tuition due + $15 installment fee
March 7 – Balance due in full + $15 installment fee