Degree Requirements

Universal Core

(4 courses required)

Administrative Theory (PUBL 6310)

Fundamentals of policy analysis (PUBL 6313)

Public Finance (PUBL 6312)

Quantitive Methods I (PUBL 6410)

Study Track Core

The UH MPA program offers students a choice of two study tracks – administrative or policy – allowing students to take courses most beneficial to their career goals and community needs. The administrative track is more public administration oriented and the policy track more analytical. Both tracks require a total core curriculum of eight courses of which four are universal. The remaining four core courses are oriented to the study tracks. The required Capstone Problem Project is counted as one course. Three elective courses are required for an overall total of 12 courses or 38 hours for the administrative track and 39 hours for the policy track. The electives are tailored to the students’ specialty needs. A full time student should be able to complete the coursework in two school years.

Administrative Track  

Public administration and Policy Implementation (PUBL 6311)

Budgeting for Public Agencies (PUBL 6342)

Urban Management (PUBL 6350)

Decision Science in Public Affairs (PUBL 6415)


Policy Track

Quantitative Methods for Policy Research and Evaluation (PUBL 6316)

American Institutions and policy (PUBL 6320)

Microeconomic Analysis (PUBL 6417)

Quantitative Methods II (PUBL 6411)