Study Abroad

The Turkish Study Abroad Program is canceled this year.

About the Program

TURK 3350 Turkish and Middle Eastern Culture in Literature and Film is a 3-credit summer study-abroad course offered in Turkey with partial sponsorship of Raindrop Turkish House. The course is offered in English and prior knowledge of Turkey or Turkish is not required. Studying culture abroad, students will be able to observe and experience the target culture on site. The first part of the program will take place in the city of Konya, the home of Rumi, a famous Sufi poet. This phase of the program will take place at Mevlana University. Classes will be in the mornings. In the afternoons, the professor and the students will visit significant points of interest in the city of Konya.

After the stay in Konya, the professor and students will take an excursion to five provinces: Antalya, Denizli, Izmir, Bursa and Istanbul. During the excursion, students will visit historical, cultural and natural places. The historical places will include sites from the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman periods as well as landmarks built after the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

It will be a great opportunity for the participating students to observe Turkish culture on their own and link their observations to class discussions of topics from Turkish films and literature. After the first-hand observation and analysis of Turkish culture, students will be able to critically reflect on the films and texts as to what extent they represent the target culture. In addition, since Turkey is located in the Middle East and shares cultural traits with other Middle Eastern countries, students will gain a greater understanding of some cultural traits of the Middle East during their stay in Turkey.