Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers two years of Turkish. The courses offered are Begining Turkish I and II (TURK 1501 and TURK 1502) and Intermediate Turkish I and II (TURK 2301 and TURK 2302).


  • To develop learners in four skills to equip them with enough knowledge to communicate in Turkish by all means.
  • To introduce Turkish culture to learners for promoting understanding with culture projects, movie reviews and engaging in the local community.

In the first year, basic conversational skills in Modern Turkish will be introduced to students. Students will develop elementary to pre-intermediate level of reading and writing skills. Basic grammar required for all skills will also be emphasized. All four skills will be embedded in the course throughout the year. In the second year, students are exposed to more advanced structures of language and vocabulary appropriate to the level. Students will be able to use their knowledge of Turkish language through classroom activities, homework assignments and projects.