Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies

Requirements of Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies

For further information you may also contact Debra Frazier (undergraduate advisor) at or any of the Chinese Faculty.

Brief Program Description

The goals of the BA in Chinese Studies include:

  1. To provide high quality instruction in Chinese language courses at all levels. Chinese language courses will serve as a communication and research tool for students with majors, minors, or special interests.
  2. To impart knowledge and understanding to students by offering academically rigorous courses on Chinese history, literature, linguistics, religion, and film studies. These courses form broad perspectives to provide students with the experience that is fundamental to multicultural education and interdisciplinary studies.
  3. To provide students with unique qualifications for career opportunities. Being strengthened by the Summer Study in Beijing Program, the program enhances career possibilities by providing students with opportunities for internships in China and work preparation in international business and trade, translation and interpreting skills, and teaching positions.
  4. To prepare students for graduate studies focused on various approaches to understanding China and Asia. In addition to popular courses such as Business Chinese, academically rigorous courses that motivate students in intellectual pursuits are offered.
  5. To develop a strong academic and cultural bridge for interactions between the University of Houston and the area communities on China-related events so as to provide students with enriched cultural life, extra curricular, and career opportunities.

Degree and Major Requirements

General Degree Requirements


Sem. Credit Hours

General Education Core Curriculum
(bachelor’s degree only)


Required Courses


Prescribed Electives


Free Electives


CLASS College requirements


Other (Specify, e.g., internships, clinical work)

(if not included above)



Chinese Studies Major Requirements

Required Courses*



CHNS 2302 Intermediate Chinese II



CHNS 4301 Public Speaking in Chinese



CHNS 4302 Integrated Chinese thru Multimedia



Any 3 of the following courses:

CHNS 3301, 3302 Advanced Chinese I, II
CHNS 3303 Readings in Modern Chinese
CHNS 3304 Business Chinese
CHNS 4304 Survey of Chinese Literature



Any 4 of the following courses:

CHNS 3350 Chinese Culture through Films
CHNS 3352 Chinese Culture and Society thru Modern literature
CHNS 3354 Chinese Language and Culture
CHNS 3360 A look into Modern China
CHNS 3398 Chinese Culture and History
CHNS 4364 Issues in Chinese Language and Linguistics

HIST 3385: China since 1600
HIST 3386: China: Early civilization to 1600
HIST 4395: Confucianism and Chinese modernity

CUST Asian American cultures and communities
POLS 4321: Democracy in Asia
ECON 3355: Economic development of Asia


* Students normally will be expected to take CHNS 1501, 1502, 2301 before taking the first language course (CHNS 2302) required by the major.

Master's program
Masters Degree in World Cultures and Literatures with concentration in Chinese