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Course Descriptions

The Chinese program offers Mandarin Chinese courses at all proficiency levels. Students will develop their Chinese language skills as well as an understanding of Chinese culture that enables them to interact with Chinese language users in linguistically and socially appropriate ways.  Instructional materials and activities stimulating real life situations are carefully integrated to help students learn the correct language form with connections to meaning and function. Instruction is learner-centered, communication-oriented, and task-based.

The Program also offers content and core curriculum courses on Chinese culture, literature, and linguistics taught in English. Students learn a wide array of topics leading to the understanding of China in contemporary life and culture. Video and audio materials as well as computer software supporting learning are available at the Language Acquisition Center. During semesters, free tutoring in Chinese is offered by Learning Support Services.

Placement & Credit Exams

The Placement Exam for CHNS 1501 and 1502 required for students with prior Chinese instruction is offered and administered University Testing Center.

Qualified Students may attempt a credit-by-exam test to receive credit for CHNS 1501, 2302, and/or 3301. Students may take a credit-by-exam essay test for CHNS 3302

All the tests are scheduled and administered in University Testing Center.

For further information, you may contact Debra Frazier (undergraduate advisor) at or any of the Chinese Faculty.