StarTalk Texas Teacher Program

Projects from the Startalk Texas Teacher Program at University of Houston
(2012, 2013)

Table of Contents
Curriculum Design and Instructional Plans
Lili Liu Condron 刘莉莉 My family
Juan Ge 葛 娟 My family
Lum Nga To (Amy)林雅桃 All about me
Dai-Hau Tang唐代豪 Shopping/Buying clothes
Yan Zhao赵 燕 Dining in a Chinese restaurant
Silvia Hia黄守璞 Dining in a Chinese restaurant
Ching-Ching Yang杨菁菁 My birthday
Zhiqun Song宋智群 School Life: Study abroad in China
Maxine Hunt郝 昕 My trip to China
Course Work
Zhiqun Song宋智群 Review, Pica: "Integrating Content-based and Taskbased
Approaches for Teaching, Learning and
Dai-Hau Tang唐代豪 Review, Middlebury's two curriculum teaching plans
Yanlan Dong 董延兰 Review, Xiaohong Wen温晓虹: "Instructional input and
student's output语言的输入与输出"
Lili Liu Condron刘莉莉 Reading of Tai: Temporal Sequence and Chinese Word
Juan Ge 葛 娟 Reading of Wiggins & McTighe: Understanding by
Ruihua Liu 刘瑞华 Language form, function, and assessment: What is your
name (Work sheet)
Yan Zhao赵 燕 Task Design: Deciding which Chinese buffet to eat
(Work sheet)

Teaching Demo

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Pair Teaching Demo:

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