Arab Studies Minor


The Department of Modern and Classical Languages established the Minor in Arab Studies, effective Fall 2012.

The minor in Arab Studies consists of the following 18 hour requirement:

1. Nine required semester hours in

ARAB 2302: Intermediate Arabic II
ARAB 3301: Advanced Modern Standard Arabic I
ARAB 3302: Advanced Modern Standard Arabic II

2. Six semester hours taken from

ARAB 3305 or ARAB 3306: Introduction to Arabic Culture, Language, and Islam
ARAB 3312: Introduction to Arabic Literature in Translation
ARAB 3313: Qur’an as Literature
ARAB 3314: Women and Gender in Arabic Literature
ARAB 3303: Qur’anic and Classical Arabic
ARAB 3340: Modernity and Rationalism in Islamic Tradition
WCL 3341: Early Islamic Society: Literature and Thought
WCL 3377: The Modern Middle East: Literature, Politics, and Ideas
HIST 3378: Modern Middle East

3. Three semester hours taken from

ARTH 3313: Ancient Near Eastern Art
ENGL 3365: Postcolonial Literature
HIST 3377: The Middle East from 1300 to the Present
HIST 3390: Middle East: Pictures & Words
POLS 3326: Government and Politics in the Middle East
POLS 4333: Islam and Democracy
POLS4348: Contemporary Islamic Political Thought
RELS 2350: Introduction to Islam
RELS: 3360: Muslim-Christian Relations

At least 12 of the 18 hours must be taken in residence of which 9 must be advanced. A minimum 2.50 grade point average is required for all courses attempted in the minor.