Japanese Resources

Language and Literature


  • A Web of Online Dictionaries -This website indexes on-line dictionaries, thesauruses, and such containing words and phrases. Preference in selection has been given to the free online dictionary of high quality.






  • History of Japan -Overview, and ancient to modern
  • National Museum of Japanese History -Located in Sakura City, Chiba. Covers history of Japan from prehistoric periods to modern times. Includes visitor info and online galleries.
  • The Currency Museum -Bank of Japan virtual museum exhibit of old currency in Japan, as well as money used during Japan's colonial empire.
  • Edo Japan -- A Virtual Tour A multimedia tour of Edo (Tokyo) during the 18th century, the age of the Tokugawa Shoguns; visit the city learning about the culture, lifestyles and history.
  • The Imperial Family of Japan -Provides biographical information, pictures, genealogical tables, and legal documents on the current status of the imperial family
  • ABC of Modern Japanese History-Provides new information on topics from modern Japanese history, such as WWII war crimes, the holocaust and Japanese policy, post-war reparations, comfort women, new history textbook movement
  • Japanese History Documentation Project -Includes an encyclopedia, introduction to Japanese history, and booklists.

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