Chinese Resourses

Dictionary and online learning

Language and Literature

  • Index of Classics -collection of Chinese literary sites
  • Confucian Writings -English translation available
  • Chinese Text Initiative -Big 5 texts with English translation of Chinese literature, including 300 Tang poems and Gu Yao Yan.
  • Songs and Stories of the Hua Miao -Tales from the A-hmao people of Yunnan and Guizhou.
  • Chinese Literature
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures -Essays on Taoist and Confucian classics. Also includes a timeline with literary dates and links to texts.
  • Daoist Scriptures -A large collection of Chinese Taoist literature. Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu.
  • Shijing: The Book of Songs -Brief introduction to "The Book of Songs", the earliest collection of Chinese poems, with excerpts.
  • The Monkey King -Introduction and illustrated version of part of the novel of the "Journey to the West."
  • Chinese Traditional Culture
  • Chinese -An introduction to the language of classical Chinese, plus the author's translations of selected Tang poems. By Brian Tung.
  • Highlights of Ancient Chinese Stories -Sunzi's Art of Warfare, Chinese New Year - the Spring Festival, the Scions of Huang Di and Yan Di
  • Xi You Ji: The Journey to the West.-A casual look into the classic ancient Chinese story. Includes screen captures of the 1986 and 2001 Chinese CCTV production of the story.
  • Three Kingdoms World -Dedicated to the "Romance of Three Kingdoms," with character profiles, synopsis, stories, quotes, and links.
  • Xin Yu Si -New Threads Electronic Library is a public archive site dedicated to storing electronic versions (GB code) of Chinese literature.
  • Chinese Literature -Introduction to the literature, with comic book versions of Monkey and The Water Margin.
  • Literature Network -Lionel Giles version of the Art of War, with search feature.
  • Jim Shan, Ph.D. Chinese culture expert has the Art of War in both Chinese and English.
  • China News Digest -Original Chinese text of Sun Tzu Art of War.


  • Chinese Poetry -Includes works by Wang Wei, Du Fu, Li Bai and others.
  • Chinese Poetry Classics -links to Chinese poetry, some English
  • Chinese Poem -Poems by Du Fu, Wang Wei, Li Bai and others in characters, pinyin and literal and literary English. Includes subject index.
  • Song of Roses -A collection of poems by Vena Yin Sheng, presented in Chinese calligraphy and translated into English.
  • Asian Topics: Tang Poetry -Articles on various aspects of the genre, including its forms and its relationship to everyday life, plus information on Du Fu, Li Bo and Wang Wei.


  • China the Beautiful -cultural information and links, some English
  • Chinese Music -links to download Chinese songs; titles are in English
  • Wei Ming Magazine -online information on Chinese arts and literature, English version
  • -Bi-monthly online magazine, covering traditional and contemporary art.
  • New Chinese Art -Featuring a wide variety of modern art from throughout China such as paintings, prints, sculptures, woodcuts, photographs and installations.
  • Bronzes of Ancient China -Brief history and images and information about Shang and Tang pieces collected and discussed by Werner Schmidlin.
  • A Look at Chinese Painting -Examination of seven Chinese calligraphies and paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Tongram Online -Includes works by Tong Da-Nian, Guo Yi-Fang and Xu Zhi-Hai.

Art Museums


  • China the Beautiful -Fostering an appreciation of Chinese calligraphy.
  • Art Exhibition Online, Hong Kong, a portfolio -Limited Edition abstract calligraphy created from original historical documents (China/Britain,1997 Hong Kong Handover). Lithographs by artist Pat Elliott Shircore.
  • -Featured on Chinese calligraphy, with illustrated pictures about writing techniques, Chinese characters, writing styles and Four treasures of the study.
  • Gallery Opus - Hong Kong art gallery, showing limited edition abstract calligraphy created from historical documents.
  • Teaching Chinese Language and Calligraphy - Learning Chinese and calligraphy online or offline.
  • Dr Xu, Zhi-Hai - Biography of award-winning artist, links to on line galleries of his seal and calligraphy work.
  • Khoo Seow Hwa - Exhibitions of calligraphy and chop/carving artwork. Includes a photo of the artist and list of current publications.
  • Introduction to Chinese calligraphy - Look at the great works of Chinese calligraphy and learn to appreciate it as an art.
  • Chinese calligraphy - Brush calligraphy is an art unique to Asian cultures. Shu (calligraphy), Hua (painting), Qin (a string musical instrument), and Qi (a strategic boardgame) are the four basic skills and disciplines of the Chinese literati.




Houston Area Chinese Community

  • Chinese Community Center - Houston Chinese Community Center.
  • Chinese Civic Center - facility is located at 10052 Harwin Drive, Houston. ... library; furnished rooms for community organization gatherings ... training spaces to many Chinese Cultural/Arts.

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