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Dual Degree Programs

Dual degree programs allow students to earn two degrees in less time than it would take to complete them sequentially. Students interested in this option must be admitted separately to each of the programs and admission to one has no official bearing on admission to the other. Since admission to two programs is required, interested students are encouraged to begin the application process early.

The MPP is available as a joint degree with the Master of Social Work. Additional dual degree options are being developed, and will be announced.

Master of Social Work/Master of Public Policy (MSW/MPP)

The University of Houston's Graduate College of Social Work and Hobby School of Public Affairs offer a concurrent degree program that prepares students for professional practice in social welfare policy arenas. This concurrent degree program enables students to pair the quantitative and ethics-oriented approach to policy analysis offered by the MPP program with the substantive policy and practical training in health and human service related domains offered by the Master of Social Work program.

Students must apply and be admitted separately by each program. All students must apply to the second program no later than the end of their first year in the first program. It will take approximately three years of full-time study to complete the coursework for both degrees.

The following sample degree plans show the different methods that a student can take to complete the MSW/MPP dual degree program. Both programs require an internship component. The internship requirement for both programs can be met through completion of the required field practicum hours through the GCSW. Students pursuing this concurrent degree are eligible to apply to participate in the Graduate College of Social Work’s Austin Legislative Internship Program.