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Intellectual Property Law visiting scholars with HCPP Associate Director

Intellectual Property Law

Zhejiang, China November 2012-January 2013

This group of visiting scholars marked the 4th year of the Intellectual Property Law program.
  • Mr. Dong Yupeng, Law Professor
  • Mr. Wangjing, Law Professor
  • Mr. Zhang Hongbin, Administrator
  • Mr. Yan Fei, Lawyer
  • Ms. Chu Ruijun, Lawyer
  • Mr. Shi Dongliang, Administrator
  • Ms. Shen Fei, Judge
  • Mr. Xu Qing, Law Professor
  • Mr. Fan YunCheng, Judge
  • Mr. Liu Di, Law Professor
  • Mr. Lei Gang, Law Professor
  • Ms. Yu JuMing, Lawyer
  • Ms. Di Jing, Lawyer
  • Ms. Guo Fang, Lawyer
  • Ms. Wu Jiao, Legal Counsel
  • Ms. Lu Caiwen, District Attorney
  • Mr. Meng HaiBo, District Attorney
  • Mr. Cai Zhuosen, District Attorney


  • ip group 1

    Attending Texas Friendship Night

  • ip group 3

    Visiting the University of Houston's Law Center